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In Pepe’s eyes, I’m not a human. He called me a ‘macaco’ (‘monkey’ in Portugese) during my time at Barca, and then he spat at me. I said to myself: ‘This man is not worth anything’. I did not speak publicly about this because he has no value. I didn’t want to shake his hand in the friendly and I said this before to Mehdi Benatia. He went behind me and he spat at me. I had a bottle of water and I threw it at him and then all the other players came. The ‘blancos’ (Real Madrid players) wanted to hit me. It’s true that I displayed a bad image and I apologize, but it’s unacceptable that a man can spit. I’m not a saint, but I respect people. I will not argue with those who do not regard me as a human being, he has displayed unacceptable behavior. Is racism widespread in football? No, we shouldn’t generalize. I’m African and I’ve played in Europe for years. I’ve been able to deal with wonderful people. It’s just a minority.

Keita on the incident with Pepe (via wanderlustandlovedisease)

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Title: You Are My Sunshine Artist: Johnny Cash 47,275 plays


The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
But when I woke, dear,
I was mistaken.
So I bowed my head and cried.

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Okay if you can’t fuck with a girl because of:

  • Pubic hair
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars 
  • Any other natural occurrence of the female form

You aren’t really worthy of it anyway.

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Same goes for pets.

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the contrabass saxophone is such an absurd instrument


talk dirty to me

Have ya’ll seen the double contrabass flute before???

reblogging my own post because what in the fuck


i give you the contrabass tuba. Why is it real. I dont know.

Know what’s even better?



my counter:


piccolo trombone 

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so the other day I was at work and i’m standing on the line (I work in a restaurant kitchen), looking through the window, biding my time until we get the next rush. by register/waitress area, there are 2 waitresses, one of which I have a pretty big crush on, my boss, and his friend. his friend was talking to both of the girls, and I happen to make eye contact with my boss. he’s a very serious, 70-something year old man who doesn’t really do much except walk around half drunk and spout random, small commands for people to do so he feels like he’s contributing. he’s nice if you do your job well, and he and I joke around quite often. anyway, we make eye contact, and he does the finger motion with 2 fingers to indicate that we’re looking at each other. then he points at me and then to the cute waitress and then points to me and gives me like a questioning thumbs up or thumbs down as if he’s asking for my opinion. I give a thumbs up and a chuckle, because i’m not sure if he’s hitting on the girl or if he noticed I was checking her out, but he didn’t seem creepy about it, so i’m pretty sure it was the latter. 


When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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race representation in american television

This post is spot on wow

I’m weak!

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Title: Infinity Artist: The xx 1,115 plays


The xx ~ Infinity

*** If losing your breath from mad desire made a sound … that sound would be xx.

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Source for more facts on your dash follow NowYouKno

That was super nice of them.

And now I’m mad that nobody told us we were given cows. Cause that’s really f*cking nice and nobody mentioned it at all.

American media tends to disregard that anyone donates to the US. And then Amurricans complain about money going abroad because “nobody helped the US in our disasters.”


Also, do you know how much a cow costs? O.O

It isn’t just a matter of how much a cow costs, its a matter of considering that Masai life is based around their cattle. Its their wealth, their food, and a significant part of their religion. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

Traditional Maasai lifestyle centres around their cattle which constitute their primary source of food. The measure of a man’s wealth is in terms of cattle and children. A herd of 50 cattle is respectable, and the more children the better. A man who has plenty of one but not the other is considered to be poor.[37] A Maasai religious belief relates that God gave them all the cattle on earth, leading to the belief that rustling cattle from other tribes is a matter of taking back what is rightfully theirs, a practice that has become much less common.[38]

So its not just “they gave us 14 cows”, its that they gave us something that is very important and significant to them, it is more than just a kind gesture that definitely deserves to be known and its a genuine shame that more people don’t know about it.

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just because i don’t follow u back doesn’t mean i think u have a shitty blog. you might just have posts/fandoms/stuff i don’t really want on my dash. and hey, that’s fine. it’s YOUR tumblr you’re here for you and that’s goodgreatawesome

but please don’t think me not following you back means i hate u 5ever and that u can never inbox me or reply to my posts or follow me on twitter or something b/c that is not what it means at all

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One young woman, who got in a heated argument with a men’s rights activist at a protest in Canada, was subsequently dubbed as “little red frothing fornication mouth” by AVFM and had all of her private contact information published by MRAs. She received hundreds of elaborate threats of violence. One anonymous commenter invited her to “enjoy being anally defiled.” Another gloated: “I would actually cum cutting that bitch’s throat.” Another outspoken feminist told me personally that she had to get the FBI and the state police involved when AVFM targeted her. Authorities found the threats she received so credible that they advised her to leave home for two weeks, taking her husband and young child with her. Increasingly, men’s rights activists target women offline as well. Last month, members of the organization Men’s Rights Edmonton hung large “wanted”-style posters of a professor all over the University of Alberta campus, calling her a bigot. Her crime? She was involved in the university’s anti-rape campaign.

Some examples of how “men’s rights activists” are threatening and intimidating feminists. There is absolutely no justification for this kind of behavior, and I urge all anti-feminist men (and anti-feminist others) to at the very least not stoop to the level of threatening atrocities or publishing someone’s personal information. I may not agree with your points of contention when it comes to the feminist movement, but that will never cause me to harm you or your family. AVFM and similar MRA groups need to be stopped, for the safety of society as a whole. 

From A Good Men’s Rights Movement is Hard to Find by Jaclyn Friedman

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Pepe’s excited for the new season, guys.

Here we go. Pepe is an ass, regardless of how well he plays.

I can’t wait for Varane to take his starting position back. He was great at the World Cup. Pepe was an embarrassment.

He kicks up trouble anywhere he goes. I don’t understand how he manages to get himself into so many shitty situations. It’s almost impressive at this point.
It’s a pre-season friendly. What’s the point of being all aggressive and dickish?

"Your move, Luis Suarez"?

You make a good point of reminding us that this is unconfirmed… At the same time, people don’t just skip handshakes and throw bottles for no reason. Clearly something happened that we didn’t see. :/ in any case, with his track record I would not be surprised if it’s true.

Yeah, it’s not a stretch to believe. When he and Suarez inevitably get into it, i’m afraid of what the two will do.

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